Thursday, December 04, 2014

And Just Like That She is 6......

It's hard to believe but my baby girl turned 6 on 11/11/2014!  It seems like just yesterday we were going to China to pick her up!   Now she is in kindergarten and learning to read.
Because Warren was having his surgery 6 days before Jaden's party we decided to do her party before and not at home!  After a bit of a fiasco we ended up having the party at an indoor pool.  This was also the first year Jaden invited friends from school.  We ended up with 25 kids!  We also ended up going over capacity for the room but we just made a few dads go stand outside the room!  :-)
Of course Jaden wanted the same theme that most girls her age want, Frozen!  So Frozen it was.  After this party I never want to see anything Frozen again!

We ended up opening gifts at home because there just wasn't enough time.  It was an Elsa explosion!

A few days later on her actual birthday we had a small cake with neighbors!

My baby is growing up.  Jaden I love you to China and back!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So it happened, the day I have dreaded since I first held her.  My baby started kindergarten!  Oh how I dreaded this day.  While I was dreading it Jaden was counting down the days.  We decided that she could ride the bus to school and I would pick her up in the afternoon.  That lasted all of one day because when I picked them both up they informed me they no longer wanted me to pick them up and they wanted to ride the bus.  I was a little heartbroken but have since gotten over it!  That gives me one extra hour a day ALONE!  Yes there were tears the first day from mommy, I have since come to love MY time!  Oh the things I am getting done!

Jaden loves school.  I love the fact that it wears her out! :-)  So far she is doing great.

And in other BIG news, a week before Jaden started Kindergarten she moved to her own room!  I have been a co sleeping mama for just over 5 years and now I am not!  She has done great with it.  Me not so much in the beginning but now I love it!   Thanks to this big move she is now the owner of a hamster!  Joy!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Gotcha Day 5 years later!

It's hard to believe but another year has passed since Jaden was placed in our arms!  It seems like just yesterday when they handed me a very quite baby in the hotel room in Nanchang, China.  those were a peaceful 30 minutes and then all hell broke loose and we had a screaming, puking, grieving baby on our hands for about 3 days.  Then she became the happy fun loving girl we have today!

We of course spent the day in our traditional way, spending time with the Roger's family!  These sweet girls were from the same orphanage and we got them both together!  I love getting them together.  

Of course we needed a Chinese beer picture to commemorate the trip to China since the adults had a few of these on the trip!

Love that these girls will always share a special bond!